What Matters

Over the last 6 months in hospital, I have had a lot of time to think about what really matters in life. It is an age-old question and here is my answer.

First and foremost are the relationships in your life. Without them, life is meaningless.

The most important relationship I have is with my two amazing children, Eric and Niamh. I was very lucky that they came down from Mackay to visit me last weekend. We had an awesome time! We went to the movies (they let me out of hospital), my daughter dyed my hair, and we shared many meals together. Yet, the most enjoyable times will when we were just chatting with each other.

I’m also fortunate to have such wonderful and supportive friends. I’ve known some of my friends for over 20 years. I also have friends that have only recently come into my life. I met some of my friends through my work (including some ex-students), some I have met because of my heart condition, and others have popped into my life from the weirdest locations. I am grateful for all of them.

The second thing that really matters in life is personal progress. I (like anyone) am capable of some truly remarkable things. Yet, I am always capable of more. Growing towards (and even stretching) my potential helps give meaning to my life.

The areas where I can grow include my knowledge, my personal habits, and my physical development. In fact, the areas where I can grow are virtually infinite. The point is that striving to become all that I can be is immensely rewarding.

Of course there are things you have to do, such as working to make a living. Yet, knowing what is really important to me is helping to reshape the way I spend my time. Perhaps it can help you too!

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  1. Loving these writings Shaun, so much time for reflection and finding ones sole when we are placed in the darkest of days. So pleased your children give you the greatest enjoyment I would have say I hear you on that statement


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