Chapter 5: Improving In The Dark

… I started getting better. I attributed it to my civil disobedience of drinking water 😊 , although it could also be the experimental drug they put me on.

The doctor came in surrounded by doctors in training. They stood a few paces beyond the end of my bed and whispered to each other. I couldn’t hear them but thought I would find out what they were saying soon enough. Yet, they simply came in, told me to hang in there and left.

The same thing happened day in and day out. I felt I was improving but was given no feedback on the nature of my condition. It was actually a nurse (or perhaps Tracey) who told me about the experimental drug I was on.

Each week, Tracey visited from Sunday night until Friday afternoon. Sometimes the doctor would tell her things so I would find out that way. That is how I found out that I supposedly had days to live and needed an immediate heart transplant.

Of course, my recollection could be tainted by the way I was feeling. I felt a bit better each day, but I was far from well. Sadly, I recall being treated as a case, not a human being. There was a different doctor each week and a different group of doctors in training. Some were better than others, but none of them were good.

My life and been turned upside down. Yet, I was completely in the dark about what my future would hold.


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