Chapter 4 – The Thirst

I was thirsty, incredibly thirsty. In fact, it is hard for you to imagine how thirsty I was. I was like a drowning man gasping for air, but my air was water. All I wanted was water. My desire for a drink occupied every thought and every fibre of my being.

Yet, my doctor said no and the nurses enforced his wishes. Water is the giver of life, yet evidently, it would kill me. My heart was so weak that additional fluid would make it stop.

Despite this, all I wanted was a drink. I begged my wife saying that if I was going to die I didn’t want to die begging for a glass of water. My pleas fell on deaf ears.

One night, a male nurse agreed to give me a sip of water. It brought over a full glass and then got called to another patient. He made me promise to just have a sip but as the water touched my lips, I tipped up the glass until it was empty.

The next morning the doctor was furious. My heart was racing and he knew that water was cause. Part of me felt guilty when the nurses all got in trouble, but most of me didn’t care. Ironically, it was a new shift of nurses, not to mention it wasn’t my nurses’ fault anyway .

My thirst continued, and all I was offered was ice chips. It was like driving me up to KFC and telling me I could just smell the chicken. Teasing a dying man.

I texted my wife Tracey pleading for her to bring up some water. In hindsight, it was a big cruel telling her that I didn’t want to die begging for water. Yet, at the time I didn’t care. Thankfully Eric told her to ignore my texts.

Eventually, I started to get better. Yet, I still wasn’t allowed more than a sip of water or an ice chip. Thankfully, I was allowed up to go to the bathroom. That was a mistake. I went straight to the basin, cupped my hands, and drank till I could drink no more. And then …

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