Gone In A Heartbeat

Gone In A Heartbeat by Shaun Killian Gone In A Heartbeat is a story about my journey over the last few years. It is my story but I want to share it with you.

The events in the story are as accurate as I can remember them. Yet, my memory is far from perfect. Furthermore, the story is written from my perspective. Other people may remember things differently or may have had different feelings about what was going on.

Chapter 1: That Night

Chapter 2: Blackness

Chapter 3: Death Comes Calling

Chapter 4 – The Thirst

Chapter 5: Improving In The Dark

Chapter 6: Naked


32 thoughts on “Gone In A Heartbeat”

  1. At some stage you need to write about the warning we all ignored six weeks earlier! Your story telling is riveting! I’ve read a million birth stories in my time but this is the first heart attack! ❤️

  2. It is a pleasure sharing my story and I am glad that some of you find it interesting. My children visited me this weekend so I haven’t been on the computer much. That’s why I was late in replying.

  3. Fantastic writing. My cousin had a heart transplant very late last year. My niece sadly was taken from us in a car accident and donated a heart 15 months before that. I can connect with much of your story. I am a teacher and found your blog though your writing on evidenced based teaching. You need to be syndicated! I have read more things in one hour (when I should be programming for Term 1) that resonate with me than I have read from countless columnists in newspapers who; don’t write as well as you do, are not as informed as you are, or balanced. If not a newspaper, I’d happily listen to you on the radio… ABC old lady radio is my preference. Best wishes to you for your ongoing recovery.

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