Driving Again After 4 Years

muppets driving

It’s been about 4 years since I lost my legs. As a friend reminded me, I was always losing my keys, so it was not surprising that I lost my legs eventually Driving was much harder than I imagined, mainly because of the hand controls. They are difficult to describe but I don’t have a picture, so I will try.

  • It is an automatic car
  • You steer only with your left hand, using a knob on the steering wheel
  • You use your right hand for accelerating, braking, blinkers, lights etc.
  • There is a bar below the steering wheel that sticks out to the right of the steering wheel
  • You press the bar forward to brake
  • Other controls are on the bar including a switch/trigger for accelerating, blinker buttons etc

Everything is so different. It is like learning to drive all over again as you have to consciously think of every little action you take. But just as it eventually became automatic when I first learned to drive, I’m sure this new way of driving will too.

For my fellow psychology students, this is an example of Piaget’s accommodation in action, hopefully leading to automaticity

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